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Eric Chen


Eric Chen

Assistant Professor

Dept. Architecture, Chung Yuan University

Born in Tainan in 1978 and currently residing and working in Tainan, Taichung, and Taoyuan, Eric Chen holds the PhD degree of Arts from Tainan National University of the Arts, and now he is the full-time assistant professor of Department of Architecture, Chung Yuan Christian University, visiting professor of Department of Architecture, UCSI in Malaysia, and chief architect of ArchiBlur Lab. His creative practices over the past years are the use of body anatomy as reference for expressing group senses, building generation, urban landscape, island manufacturing, thinking, and ideas in an attempt to develop a method to explore the issues in an open framework. He has engaged in the long-term exploration on body and landscapes in order to develop another redefined architectural scale. He also attempts to repeatedly perceive the most fundamental value of everything with the most authentic body feelings, which enables buildings to become a kind of human environment. His main creative practices are: “Landscape of the Boundary” of 2014 “X-Site Project” , “Bridge House” of 2015 Setouchi Triennale “Art House Project” , “Urban Archipelago Project,”“Oasis Settlement Project” in Malaysia, “Floating Mountains.Suspended bridge” in France, “Floating Mountains” in Malaysia, 2016 Taipei Biennale, 2017 Sharjah Biennial “Collectivism”, “Threshold of Being” at Palestine Art Museum, etc.

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