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Kuo-Wei Eleazar-Godfrey Chiu


Kuo-Wei Eleazar-Godfrey Chiu

Assistant Professor

Dept. Architecture, Tung Hai University

Dr. Kuowei Eleazar-Godfrey Chiu (aka KC) grows up in the She-ba nature re-serve area in Taiwan. He was educated in Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and the USA. He is an assistant professor at the Tunghai University. His re-search areas include biomimicry design, climate change and SDGs in urban design pathways, urban morphology, ancient urbanism and future cities. He specializes in nature-based intelligibility and urban design in the An-thropocene. He has worked as chartered government urban designer. He was invited worldwide as design judge, keynote speaker and international academic journal reviewer. He has won several international awards in ur-ban design and coach several innovative cross-disciplinary and award win-ning teams in the biomimicry global designs. His research on Future Cities was awarded the best research paper in Singapore Architecture and Civil Engineering Conference in May 2019. Dr KC founded the Regenerative Earth and Anthropocene Design Lab (READ) in 2016. He enjoys cooking, hiking and reading nature. He plays ancient zither (Gu-Qin) and is swordsmanship and archery enthusiast.

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