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Tsung-Yen Hsieh


Tsung-Yen Hsieh

Assistant Professor

Dept. Architecture, Tung Hai University

Tsung Yen Hsieh. Born in Taipei, Taiwan 1985, he was graduated from Domus Academy Master degree of Urban Vision and Architectural Design in Milan Italy, and Tung Hai University Master degree of Architecture in Taichung Taiwan.

Participated in Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 Swiss Pavilion as member of coordinator crew, start and curated the Taiwan Pavilion in 2015 Milan EXPO.

Start organize several international architecture workshop since 2014, “Urban Interiors of Asian Metropolis” workshop in Swiss Pavilion of Venice Biennale, and “Milan EXPO/ Taiwan Project” workshop in Taiwan Tung Hai University 2015. The summer of 2015, the opening of Taiwan Pavilion in Milan EXPO, in the same time also plan and organize the “Taiwan Cusine” as a show present Taiwanese food in the center of Milan.

During the period of Taiwan Pavilion exhibition, he was also invited as a guest keynote presenter participated in the annual Milan event “MI / ARCH 2015”.

In 2019 March, Tsung Yen Hsieh with Eric Yu founded Atelier S.U.P-E.R.B. (Study Urbanism Prototyping & Engineering Refurbishment Build) which is an Architects Firm base in Taichung City. Atelier S.U.P-E.R.B. including the meaning of ”superb”, also declare the design research aspects facing the interest of urban architecture prototyping and new creative industrial construction from unit build and site assembling.

Tsung Yen Hsieh is present as lecturer of Tung Hai University Architecture Department since 2016, mainly research in Architecture Design, Urban Design, Food Landscape Architecture, and Art / Architectural Exhibition Curation.

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