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Yulianto P. Prihatmaji


Yulianto P. Prihatmaji

Head of Undergraduate Program in Architecture

Department of Architecture, Universitas Islam Indonesia

Yulianto P. Prihatmaji, is a lecturer and an architect, with interest on wood science, architecture, carpentry and their traditions. His current research is the study of timber buildings in Indonesia which includes the wooden architecture of Java, Batak, Toraja, Sumba and Nias. His studies on seismic vulnerability of timber buildings, material properties, structure performance of static and dynamic and timber joint repair techniques. He taught tectonics in architecture at the Universitas Islam Indonesia, organized carpentry workshops for carpenter, student and public, and took part in numerous architectural and rural festivals. In collaboration with an international society of activists and scientist initiates, he organized Workshop on R-Urban Initiative funded by the British Council 2016, and also co-curated Bamboo Biennale sponsored by the Creative Economy Council, and in 2017 he initiated Bambooland Social Enterprise supported by the Australian Government.

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