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Aquaculture and Community Learning Center

Kunnapat Wongthavornman

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

This thesis derives from the current ocean crisis, which is the overexploited fishery. We have already consumed half of the ocean's resources, which will finally run out in 2050 if the situation continues. To solve this, aquaculture, which is the farming of fish and other organisms, was created. Yet, with many farms are doing it destructively, this project aims to show the new aquaculture methods that are sustainable for the local community. The project creates a community learning center whose primary objective focuses on providing knowledge about the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) to local farmers, tourists, and students. It will also act as a new landmark where people go not only to learn but also to do other activities to create an informal learning and fun experience based on the space designs that combine aquaculture and recreation programs. It will provide a new form of space design to serve the aquaculture's learning, but still give a familiar and local atmosphere by choosing appropriate materials and respecting the vernacular architectural design so that the local people will feel comfortable while approaching this place. Besides, the project also emphasizes sustainable innovation, both passive and active systems, by concerning ventilation and natural light, materiality, and circular economy of the aquaculture system.

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