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Fading - Water's Journey

Xuan Feng

Shih Chien University

Starting from observing the substances in my daily life, I saw the process of the water in materiels, transforming according to their characteristics.

The spaces surrounding by bamboos, the soil is used as the foundations and mold, and the concrete is used as the boundary. We can use the least synthetic to revive the barren nature in this way, then there is a symbiosis between the nature and humanity.

On the soil that has been suffocated for fifty to sixty years, to destroy the ruined badminton court, I chose purple bamboo, which echoes the surrounding temples, as the material to enclose the activity space, and the boundary of change grows upward. The contact between the building and the land changes from an impermeable surface to a permeable point, and finally introduces material water. The resurrected and added Caoshan Waterway was used as a program. According to the growth cycle and type of purple bamboo, a cube of 40*40*60 cm was found as the smallest unit.

Finally, the waterway was found according to the rules of the original Caoshan Waterway and the topography of Jiantan Mountain. The shape of the house is also integrated with street furniture. Water travels through time, changing the color, structure and texture of the material. The material body is cut into components, then combined into a structure, and then put into living utensils, it becomes a kind of living space, and finally reflects on the landscape.

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