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Life Saver: An Integrated Facility for Flood & Fire Evacuation Center

Bernadine Chen

Universitas Pelita Harapan

Public facilities served as a safe house, especially an evacuation center or a fire station never really being used as a public space. The thesis project challenges these public facilities can be integrated and turned into a safe destination while it also served as a public space to surrounding residential site context. that provides some facilities to improve public life and support social activities.

A temporary evacuation shelter must have certain qualities that need to be adjusted to human behavior towards their environment. The quality must prioritize capacity, its relationship to site context, and the comfort of the victims so that all space programming and space requirements need to be adjusted to factors such as personal space, territory, access control, and level of accessibility.

This project also explores the use of bamboo as its local material, bamboo is a sustainable material that is flexible towards its functionality and environmentally friendly. It is applied as part of the project to provide rafts for the refugees while it is also functioning as a building enclosure which can be transformed into modules for temporary living units to provide privacy to disaster victims. A concept of integration being used as both programming issues and material functionalities.

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