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Lower Northeastern Thailand Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center Ubonratchatani

Tanita Panjawongroj

Chulalongkorn University

In a world that constantly changes and fast growing industries, Thailand Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Organization was built by Her Majesty the Queen's initiation with the purpose to promote and make sustainable income for people so as to propel Thai arts and crafts products towards local and international recognition.

To supporting and developing Isan arts and crafts, Lower Northeastern Thailand Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center Ubonratchatani will have established by intend to use architectural desing getting involved in sustainable development that cover whole products cycle; organizing raw material, managing the production process, and creating market opportunities, which make Thailand handicraft stroger and resilience.

To follow the main idea, supporting arts and crafts simultaneously, both relations between “people and nature” or “people and people” have been given precedence by creating main circulation and courtyard that connect all of the buildings in this project. There are 4 courtyards representing different feelings base on their functions; Metal and Earthen ware, Wood carving and bamboo weaving, Silk dying, and Exhibition space.

The axis of the whole setting is related to the several main buildings around, maintain a continuous of major circulation. The identity of Isan traditional architecture also used for designing all of the building to incident Isan cultural as an image of the project. More over, project's site zoning divided into 3 main parts in linear form; workshop area, gallery area, and shopping area, are settled by the process of manufacturing.

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