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Market Hub at PJ Old Town

Raymond Bu Kiat Meng

University of Malaya

The Market Hub is a contemporary local marketplace that still retains the authenticity and core functions of a traditional market located in PJ Old Town, Petaling Jaya. It is a reconditioning and extension of the existing Jalan Othman Market where currently it is dilapidated, unhygienic and posed issues to the surrounding neighbourhood. It aims to transform the existing market condition to create a pleasant market space experience by adopting the concept of tropical design approach and incorporating nature and urban farming within to enhance the user comfort.

This consequently creates an ecosystem in the market where waste produce from the market is utilized as compose for the vegetation, the fragrance from the vegetation offsets the foul smell of the market, the wastewater from the market is collected and absorbed by the vegetation and the plantation of consumable organic herbs and vegetation creates an edible marketplace. It also intends to foster strong accessibility and pedestrian connections by creating a permeable and transparent marketplace which creates strong visual connections that celebrates a holistic and inclusive space for the people and promotes informal events and activities such as pop-up stalls and cultural events to connect the people with the local community and neighbourhood.

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