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Reconstruction : Rediscovered Donmen Market

Han-Sheng Hsu

National Taipei University of Technology

Starting from the traditional market, there were many public constructions added to it in the past market,
For example: national houses, elderly centers, libraries, government agencies, etc. This phenomenon makes the traditional market play a very important public place in the past life, but the publicity of the market stays in narrow areas and neighborhoods and cannot be extended to cities The scale.

The east gate market is adjacent to high-rise buildings and the main road. The huge gap in scale prevents outsiders from going deep. In the east half of the market, the crowds brought by Yongkang Street stop at one street. The time of activities cannot be continued. The space belonging to the residents appeared in front of the eyes while wandering the market. It has a shielded but too sharp space pattern. The co-construction of residence and the market at the same time leads to confusion of privacy levels or conflicts on boundaries.

How to improve publicity in the market to the city level? How to have the most public to the most private at the same time? How to have a good boundary between consumption and activities? How to attract more objects to enter the market?

Appropriate demolition and preservation, keeping good spatial texture and historical value buildings,
The deployment of fine scales and the nature of activities through ruggedness, the placement of display spaces change the pace of strolling, and the living spaces beautify the boundaries of residence and the market, while having the function of shielding outsiders.

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