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Regional Tectonic of Farmhouse Sustainability

Ying-Chieh Wu

Chung Yuan Christian University

Quan-Jing Ranch is a livestock ranch under the times policy. Its biggest feature is the use of the entire hillside area to achieve a balance between artificial breeding and the natural environment, and the development of three major operating systems: animal husbandry cycle, fecal water purification cycle, and natural ecological cycle. And I have established a design strategy according to the context of the base, and used environmental education to highlight the value concept of the recycling of pasture resources. Try to use the natural resources in the base as much as possible in the construction materials, such as cow dung, plants, pebbles, etc., which are obtained and built through the activities of the workshop. There will also be different degrees of difficulty in construction methods, open to tourists of different ages to participate, and establish an emotional cycle.

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