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The Intersection of Time

Ya-Wen Shih

National Cheng Kung University


The guide of this team is oriented to Research Lab. In this school year, "Measurement" is the main idea. Establishing a different value from the new thesis of the measurement between people and the environment; materials and the architecture.


I choose the Measurement of "Time" as the start of my research.

In order to put forward an analysis point of time, I did a series of experiments. Using a self-made pinhole imaging installation, by controlling the depth of imaging (Layers) and the duration of the shutter exposure, I constructed my discussion of different temporalities and discussed their relationship between each other.

Next step, I use the materials obtained from the experiments of the pinhole imaging installation, the events in the shooting process can be seen through the occurrence and disappearance of objects. In this, the negatives seem to gather these temporalities.


The site was chosen along the coast of Keelung, the northernmost city of Taiwan.

The tributaries of Kuroshio Current affect the near-ocean currents, and the abundant fishing grounds allow Keelung Port to have different harvests throughout the year; breeze from the ocean and lands, mountain and valley alternate; migratory birds come in spring and leave in autumn. Nature, creatures and people.


My design is at the border of multi-period, I choose the Lighthouse as my foundation of time and bird-watching as the relative event. Between them, "Time" is somehow revealed.

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