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The Place of Memory for Thai of Chinese Origin.

Pasika Chumpoo

Chiang Mai University

This project has designed to fully support the usability of the Thai-Chinese afterlife rituals. The proposes of this thesis were to create an Architecture that enable the new Thai-Chinese generation to understand the meaning of loss and life after death through architecture by sensing the atmospheres, emotion and the feeling of farewell and remembrance. The design processes are from the original concept of The Thai-Chinese old ritual and interpret it into the architectural spaces. The old Thai-Chinese generation believed that human has the soul power which it is still remain even the body has disintegrated, therefore, the heir chose to bury the body, believing the souls would return to the ground to gather the power of the nature peacefully and when their returned to pay respect to the graves, those soul will be able to receive it. However nowadays, people have changed from the old traditional to store ashes instead, in order to save money and space. Coming up with the idea of designing a new way of activity in remembrance of the deceased that is not just visiting to the graves, but a chat through AI which is processed from the memories of the dialogue between the decease and the user. So, in conclusion this project are for supporting the new activities in terms of the ritual arrangement since the beginning which are cremation, storing and Remembrance but still remaining the old traditional concepts. The project has the functionalities including 1. Proceed to receive the deceased to the site (Only in Bangkok area). 2. Cremation ritual. 3. Chanting ritual. 4. Area for storing ashes. 5. Area for holding the Qingming Ceremony. 6. Area for remembrance via chatting with AI. 7. Area for displaying the decaying of human body. 8. Office.

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