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Water Resilience City, Kelantan

Song Pang Yeo

UCSI University

Human egoism seeks for the acceleration of urbanized development and neglects the caring of the natural environment. Eventually, the revenge of nature begins to declare war against the human being. The most apparent is the sea level keeps increasing that caused by the abnormal change of Arctic ice melting speed. Even we have the advance developed technology that also can't provide any solution to repair the mistakes. However, we can't undo our mistake but we should always readily prepared to confront the challenge. Due to the expertise effort, we have various flood prevention strategies and policies to prolong our civilization from sinking under the sea. But all the solutions remain limited to withstand the upcoming havoc. Based on statistic data collected from satellite, the majority of lowland countries would sink under the sea within 100 years. Therefore, Reintroduce water resilience architecture with the mandatory policy would be the primary intention of this thesis. The main keyword used in this design thesis is adaptivity because the design intervention should be able to adapt to the change of lifestyle from the increasing sea level. Throughout the design framework that involves some psychological theory like the 'Catfish effect' and 'Maslow hierarchy of need' to understand the human desire before and after the disaster. The entire design consists of 3 main components are “the Spine of the city”, “Retrofitting housing” and “Retrofitting school”. Each of the components plays its role to encounter the changing of water level, economy, and lifestyle.

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